Photo of a black man wearing a black hoodie posted in a bus stop next to a poster with the words Justice for George Floyd

The CATIE Center at St. Catherine University is about 5 miles from the site in Minneapolis where George Floyd was killed in May. Like many organizations and individuals, we have been wrestling with how best to respond to Mr. Floyd’s death and the calls for racial justice and ending white supremacy.

While we recognize that education without action is not enough, our mission is to provide educational opportunities for interpreters. So, we have adapted a series of readings and activities curated by Autumn Gupta with supervision from Bryanna Wallace to become a course we are offering in Canvas. Originally entitled “Justice in June,” we took a month to prepare it for sharing and so we are calling it “Justice in July.”

This is a daily opportunity to spend about 10 minutes reading or watching a resource related to racial justice. Each day, we will also ask you to reflect on what you have learned. You are welcome to also engage with other interpreters who are going through the same process.

Available without Facilitation

The course is now available to access without facilitation or support. All of the discussions are closed, but you can review all of the material.


We are offering this without accompanying CEUs because we want to make sure that the people who are participating are here with the purpose of learning and growing.  The CATIE Center provides plenty of other opportunities to earn CEUs and we recognize their importance for interpreters.  For this course, we are simply choosing to focus solely on the learning.

To Join the Course