A black woman wearing grey long-sleeve shirt holders her hands up with palms facing toward her face ready to signDeveloped by Doug Bowen-Bailey

Competencies Addressed:  Production: English discourse; Comprehension: ASL discourse; Simultaneous interpreting

Time Required for Activity: 15 mins


To simultaneous interpret a video text explaining about one person’s experiences working with interpreters.

In this video, Nyla explains her various experiences working with interpreters.

This video is the third of a three part series that focus on:

Discourse Mapping | Consecutive Interpreting | Simultaneous Interpreting


If you have worked with the video in the discourse mapping or consecutive interpreting format, you can skip this step.

You will watch a video in which a deaf person explains in ASL about her experiences working with interpreters.  

  • What type of settings do you think she works with interpreters in?
  • What do you think she sees as positive features of her interactions with interpreters?
  • What do you think might be part of negative experiences?

Simultaneously Interpret the Video

Depending on your need for preparation, you can either preview the video or start with simultaneously interpreting the video.

View view and interpret. (Video will open in pop-up window.

Check Your Work

View the English translations below to see different versions of how this ASL text might be represented in English. We are working on creating multiple samples so you can see the variety of ways that this information can be translated.

Simultaneously Interpret the Video Again

Now that you have seen a sample translation, return to the video and interpret it again.  Choose the focus of your practice.  Do you want it to be on the ASL comprehension? Or production of English discourse that matches the level of a person who has a graduate degree?  Whatever your focus, give it a try again.

View view and interpret. (Video will open in pop-up window.