A white woman and two Latinx men sit at chairs around a round table. White papers are on the table.
The following materials includes unrehearsed interpreted situations and discussions demonstrating examples of deaf interpreter’s work, including the work of a deaf/hearing interpreting team.  The material includes:

  1. an introduction to deaf interpreting and deaf/hearing interpreting team work,
  2. an interview with the deaf and hearing interpreter team regarding their backgrounds and work as interpreters,
  3. interpretation of a written document,
  4. a brief look at a situation where the deaf/hearing team interpret using gestuno, or international sign,
  5. a clip of the Deaf/hearing interpreting team interpreting a mental health counseling session, and
  6. credits for the project.

To view any of of the video clips, click on the bolded description above and a video window will pop-up with the video clip. 

Funds for the production of this material were provided by Northeastern University, LaGuardia Community College and Gallaudet University and the U.S. Department of Education Rehabilitation Service Administration, CFDA Numbers 84.160A.