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Organization/Agency NameSorenson
Name of ProgramConnections
Description of the Program

The goal of Connections is to provide structured support for specific linguistic feature development and interpreting process enhancement — skills which are needed to level up as an interpreter. Participants in Connections have the option to engage in any or all of these opportunities: small group mentoring with deaf mentors, a six module self-paced course, and the ability to participate in interactive, skills-based webinars each month. Sorenson’s investment in all interpreters increases the chance that Deaf, hard of hearing, and DeafBlind people everywhere are experiencing connection through the power of the world’s signed and spoken languages.

Target Audience for Program
  • Novice Interpreters (Induction/Onboarding)
Deadlines for Application

Application to Sorenson, Screening, Rolling admission, On-Demand

Duration of the Program

6-18 months

Type of Interpreting
  • Remote
What is the geographic area of your program?National
Detailed description of geographic area

US (including Puerto Rico), Canada

Is there a fee for application, or for joining the program?No
Is there an opportunity for doing paid interpreting work in the program?No
Website for Programultipro.com
Is mentoring available?Yes
Contact Person: Namen/a n/a
Contact Person: Phone #1(000) 000-0000
Contact Person: EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.